The formations depend on the players. It’s like finding love, you need to find the right one. It needs to suit your players and exploit the opponent at the same time. Use your own strength to your advance and make your weaknesses not visible.

What' for you?

Do you choose 3, 4 or 5 at the back? It’s crucial to the formation. One more attacking, one more balanced and one more defensive than the others. The choice is yours

The next step is the midfield maybe the most important position on the pitch. If you lose the battle in the middle of the park, you will almost be certain to lose the game. The team that is control of the middle is in control of the game. Some of the reasons is that the pressure is on 24/7 and you need to win the 50/50 duels.

End of the day football is exciting and is a joy to play and watch. As a coach make it interesting, test out and have fun

3 at the back

Full out attack, to win you need to outscore the opponent. With 3 at the back you will always bring more people forward and make the other team uncomfortable  

4 at the back

The most flexible of them all, where you can set up in so many ways. A formation where the midfield is crucial and your often man vs man and need to work together

5 at the back

Attacking or defending, you will almost every time have one more in defence. In football you need to score to win but with 5 at the back you will be secure at the back while you attack