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A student that is not qualified at all to do this but is trying his best.

Other than that I am a student that loves Football and Formula 1

Hi! I'm Markus Hersdal

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The name is Markus Hersdal, born 21 of October 1999. I’m a 23-year-old boy from the small place of Bryne, southwest in Norway. A place known worldwide after Erling Haaland arrived on the big stage. Bryne known in Norway as “the land of the farmers”.

Currently I am a Sport Management student at Molde Hogskole and works in Molde FK as a Football Coach for U-16, coach at FFO and SPU in the academy, Goalkeeper Coach for Molde FK at the goalkeeper school 2022 and analyst for Molfe FK Ladies Team. I have previously worked for Bryne FK for 2 years where I was the coach of U-15 in 2017 and U-16 in 2018. My own football career is nothing special, I played 14 seasons for Bryne FK, ½ season for Kaasen IL and 3 and ½ seasons for Hognestad IL. The one thing that is special is I was a part of Bryne G99. The group that produced multiple talents like Tord Salte, Andrea Norheim and Erling Haaland.

Outside of football, I have been a volunteer at different churches since I was 14. Also, I got a degree as a Baker back in 2019. I worked as a baker for 2 years before the next step for me was back to school to get into the other side of football. Interests except for football is food, snowboarding and Formula 1, Formula 2, and Formula 3. I follow Formula 1 every single weekend and love the sport, but nothing is better than Football.

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Why I made this site?

I made this site to share my ideas and opinions. This site is made so people can follow and learn about tactic’s, formations, pressing type and more. Maybe some of you can use it in your own tactic’s and hopefully improve it. I want to inspire people to get into the football business and make people understand that you can succeed without having a good CV as a player.

What makes me qualified to manage this site? Nothing, absolutely nothing. But I made this page so people can send over what they have done themselves. I will personally read it and give feedback. If you want your work published, I can do that if it’s good enough done. The article will be published with your name attached.