The life of football

love for the game

Football is emotions, it’s passion and it is our game. It brings happiness and disappointment, but we love it.

Football is also about so much on the field.        Tactics, a game plan, and a structure on the field is crucial in football. You need good players and a good plan. All of this is what makes football special

We live for the special moments, we love them and it becomes memories for life

How do YOU wanna play? Do you want a direct game plan, possession ball, go wide or go narrow in the middle? How you want to play decides the rest of the game plan.

3, 4 or 5 at the back, your choice as a coach. The formation is one of the first thing’s you choose. It gets decided what players do you have available and who is your opponent?  

The last thing on the menu is the pressing style. Should you push high up on the field or should you drop deep. Go narrow or wide, man-marking or zone-marking. You need to decide!

I will do my best to break apart football teams and write about it. Structure, game plan, players and general facts is a part of the analysis.

Looking at stats, on and off the ball and achievements. What makes a footballer so good? How do you find your new player that is the perfect one?

Football players need a lot of different attributes to be successful. But success is not easy and it’s more than just skills, mentally is just as important.

What’s my opinion on football? What transfer should your club make? Or do you need some tips as a coach? 

Premier League, Eliteserien in Norway, managers, transfers, and Campions League is some of the things I will write about. I will do my best in the article’s.