Football Analysis

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Understanding the reports

Football is all about the results, how do you preform compared to everybody else. You can’t control luck, but you can control everything around it. Analysis is crucial in football to understand how you play and how you can improve. Where can you improve and how, is some of the questions analysis can solve.

How does a Premier League team setup? How can you improve a good team? Can one single player be crucial to the team? Is it culture or individual performance that makes the different? I am going to do my best to look over teams and write about my opinions of them.

Understanding your own team helps you massively. Football is changing all the time, and everybody wants to win. Analysing your own team helps you improve and be on your toes. But analysing the other team will make you more prepared and ready for the opposition. Titles is just as much about off the field now a days as on the field. Finding the small things can change the outcome.


Team Analysis

Generall Player Analysis

Young Player Analysis

I will do my best to break apart football teams and write about it. Structure, game plan, players and general facts is a part of the analysis.

Looking at stats, on and off the ball and achievements. What makes a footballer so good? How do you find the new and prefect player?

Football players need a lot of different attributes to be successful. But success is not easy and it’s more than just skills, mentally is just as important.