Football Style

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The tactical side of Football

Football is war, it’s strategi and its luck. You need a good gameplan, tactic’s, formation’s and pressing type. But all of this can be ruined with only emotions or not working together. Football is so beautiful because it’s teamwork, and with one mistake the opposition can explore that and punish you hard.

In football you always need to adapt to the surroundings. You never know what to expect from the other side of the field. Adapt and overcome the challenge in front.

Questions you need answer to be: What style of Football is for YOUR team? How do you want people to view your tema? And also, How do you change your team under the game?

What do you wanna read about?

How do YOU wanna play? Do you want a direct game plan, possession ball, go wide or go narrow in the middle? How you want to play decides the rest of the game plan.

3, 4 or at the back, your choice as a coach. The formation is one of the first thing’s you choose. It gets decided what players do you have available and who is your opponent?  

The last thing on the menu is the pressing style. Should you push high up on the field or should you drop deep. Go narrow or wide, man-marking or zone-marking. You decide!